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Spoiled me

If the urge, to spoil me, takes you, here are some ideas for you. In no case will your presence be required or expected to spoil me. This will be at your discretion.


I am a woman who appreciates having a great culture, so the books will always be appreciated. Tickets for shows (Music, Grand Ballets, Cirque du Soleil, Theater, Opera) are also a wonderful gift! It can even be in your company.


You can also spoil me with lingerie and toys. This will become a gift for you as much as for me.


Because i'm a student, activities such as spamassage or cinema are always welcome, as it allows me to relax. So you can offer me gift cards.


As I have a lot of tattoo, a gift card or money to continue my artwork is also greatly appreciated. In addition, they will also be profitable for your eyes.

Finally, I am a fanatic of everything that is white wine, champagnesushimacaroons and quality chocolate.


If you do not want to spoil me in person, you can send it all to my email address 



courtisane indépendante
Montréal, Canada
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