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Making appointment !

Our first contact will dictate the course of our meeting. I expect this to take place in the total respects.

Diversity : I would like to say that I love diversity among people around me. I have no problem spending time with you, no matter your origins or your ability (physical or intellectual). It will be my pleasure to spend a moment in your company and the whole will be in respect and the shelter of judgement. The sexual accompaniment in a handicap situation is therefore something with which I am very comfortable.

Reference : I always ask for a reference when you are a person I have never meet. This is a security measure. If you have no reference, please specify it to me and if I feel the need, I give myself the right to ask you a photo with the date of the day written on a sheet and a piece of identification beside. This is always in a protective measure, so you can hide your personal information.
If you want to use my name in reference, know that I am 100% honest and that I will never lie about how it is unfolding our meeting. In addition, if the last time we saw ourselves was more than 8 months old, I consider that too much time has elapsed since we met to provide you with a reference.

Meeting places : I have access to 3 different incalls. Two incalls are on the Plateau close to the stations Rosemont and Laurier, then my third place is located close to the Berri-UQAM station. I agree to move in outcalls, however there are additional charges related to this for my trip. In addition, unless exceptional reason, I ask that during a first outcall meeting we are in a hotel close to the city center. If no reference, I would not come to your home.

Deadlines for making appointments : as a student, I have another job and I only take a small volume of clients each week. I try as best I can to accommodate you, but sometimes it's impossible for me to take you last minute. So I ask for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours in advance.


Appointment request : it is important to complete all the questions during the appointment request. Also take the time to read my website well. This will avoid confusion and endless conversations. During your request try to avoid making me a grocery list of what you want. I am not comfortable having to fill this list under pressure, because I like to take the moment to seetles a relationship with you that will guide us in our Rendez-vous.

Confirmation: the day before the appointment, a confirmation will be asked by email. If I have no news, I consider that the meeting is cancelled. During this confirmation, I will give you my phone number as well as the place where you need to go for our meeting.

Deposit : I reserve the right to request a non-refundable deposit on some meeting. The reasons can be varied, but a duo or a long appointment can be examples requiring a deposit. The deposit can be done in several ways:
- Transfer PayPall
- Purchase of Amazon gift card or Vanilla visa
- In person, if you can move to me

Why didn't I hear from you? : There are two reasons. The first one may be that I just didn't have time to reply to your email, having myself a private life. The second may be that you may not have answered the questions needed to make appointments.

Conduct of our meeting

Hygiene : I take great care to be clean and shave during our meetings. I therefore expect that your hygiene is as neat. If you don't have time to wash, I have a shower in my loft. You have no reason why this rule shouldn't be apply.

Restriction : If you are not sure, do not hesitate to ask me. I will never judge a request about what you want to discover. On the other hand, iit possible that i'm not the person made for this discovery. Do not take it personal please, I only respect my own limits.
- Photos and videos are forbidden during meetings.
- I have a strap-on, so I can offer anal services on you. However, this is non negociable service on me.

Delay : If you think you are gona be late when we meet, please text me. I consider that more than 15 minutes after the preset time, without having any news from you, it is a "no-show". In addition, be aware that your delay makes you lose time on the appointment. Being present on time, I consider this to be your responsibility. This time will not be resumed.

Respect : The donation is for my time in your company. Keep in mind that I'm never obligated to do anything and that everything need to happen in the respect of the other. If I say NO, please respect what I tell you and don't insist. If you don't listen, I would allow myself to immediately end our meeting. In this situation, I keep the full donation.

Special request : if you have any requests concerning the clothes that I will wear during our meeting please let me know. On the other hand, if I don't have this item in my possession, you can get it and bring it to me. I will be more than happy to wear it. You have to tell me in advance so I can prepare accordingly.

Other questions

Donation : The donation is non-negotiable! If you want  a tip is always welcome, for cons I don't take less than what is mentioned. If you want a custom meeting and the price is not predetermined, you can send me your request and I will evaluate the amount associated with it.
I ask that the donation is given at the beginning of the meeting. You can place it on the table when you arrive. If it's an outcall, place it in an envelope with my name on it, always in plain sight. This will avoid all sorts of misunderstandings and we will both have peace of mind for the meeting. During a social gathering, please put the donation in a birthday card to make it discreet during our meeting.

Cancellation policy : I request a minimum of 24 hours in advance for a cancelation. I am aware that situations may arise, but I ask that this be done as quickly as possible. Even when I must cancel, I inform you in advance, so I ask you the same respect.
- 12 hours notice : I ask that 50% of the donation be given to me to take another appointment.
- '' No Show '' : I ask that 100% of the donation be given to take a new appointment.
- 3 cancellations : a deposit must be given to make an appointment. If not, I will refuse the appointment.

Respect: The donation is for my time in your company. Keep in mind that I'm never obligated to do anything and that everything must happen in the respect of the other.

Photo before the meeting: I hide my face on my website to keep my private identity. I don't send any picture of my face or any other photo than those already available on my website or my twitter.




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