How i see it

As for our meeting, here are the different services that I can offer:


I mainly offer GFE service. Being passionate and tender, the experience you will experience with me will make you feel as if the universe was stopping around us. We can devour our eyes and enjoy our bodies intermingle.

If you want an evening with a touch more Kinky, please let me know about your request and we will discuss it. I have a an open  mind and I take pleasure in offering you this kind of meeting. I would like us to realize your fantasies together! You will find more detail in the Kinky and PSE section below.

In addition, I have several wonderful friends who will be happy to join us if you wish. You just have to notify me in advance. You can find my main partners in the Duo section below, but many other beautiful girls can also be part of. You only have to propose me.

For a touch more sensual, I also offer erotic massage services. This meeting does not include a complete relationship. During all the massage I will be in charge of the course of the session by concentrating on your needs and i will finished with a happy ending!

If you have a fetish for dirty panties, know that you can get some here! You just have to make your particular requests and I take care of the rest. The whole thing will be sent by mail or delivered in person if it's during an appointment booked together. It can even be the panties that I wear during our Rendez-vous.

Finally, having a great love for the housekeeping and cleanliness I offer you my maid services. The principle is simple, I would be dressed with a sexy maid outfit and I would clean your place, all in a sexy way. You will not be allowed to touch me, but you will be able to bring out the voyeur side in you. You will be allowed to touch yourself while watching me!



Girlfriend experience

Incall : 

* I have an Incall at Berri-Uqam station. For any other incall that are not mine, you will have to pay the price of the rent as a extra.

300$ / 1h : intimacy

450$ / 90min : intimacy

600$ / 2h : intimacy

Each additional half hour : + 150$​​

Each additional hour : + 250$

Outcall Montréal : +50$

* The extra cost for an outcall is to cover my travel expenses, only in Montreal and around.

* I ask that the outcalls be in a hotel for a first meeting.

Couple : +150$ / hr


Cuddle Session : 250$ / hr

*A cuddle session is only hugs and cute little kisses. No extra is allowed and all this session will happen dressed or in lingerie but never completely naked. I would be very strict at this level, it's important not to fall into the GFE, so that will be limited to hugs only.


Social Meeting

*The social encounter is in a context without privacy and GFE contact. So this is time in my company to chat with a friendly kind of relation.

Coffee place : 100$ / h

Other activity : 150$ / h


Diner Date (restaurant (2hrs) & intimacy (2hrs) ) : 900$

Netflix and Chill (all night 12hrs) : 2 500$

* I really like movies, so we're actually going to listen to one in that time.

* Minimum of 6 hours of sleep


Full Day (24hrs) : 4 000$

* Since it is 24 hours the activities, the traveling, the outings and the restaurant are at your expense.

* Minimum of 6 hours of sleep

Weekend (48hrs) : 4 000$

* Since it is 48 hours the activities, the traveling, the outings and the restaurant are at your expense.

* Minimum of 6 hours of sleep

Fly Me to You : on demand only


Preferential rate on request for people with disabilities or special differences


Erotic massage :

Erotic massage is a mixture of massage and sensuality. This service is an experience of tenderness, body to body and relaxation. No full relationship is included, only manual release.

90 min. : 250$

2 hr : 300$


Maid service :

* prohibition to touch me, you can only watch and touch yourself

150$ / hr. 


Skype Session


Social Time :

1 hr / 70$

90 min. / 100$

2 hr / 125$

Sexy Time : 

30 min. / 150$

1 hr / 250$

90 min. / 350$


Media and Items :

Go take a look at my Shop


Kinky / PSE  


350$ / 1 hr : intimacy                                                                   
500 $ / 90min : intimacy
700 $ / 2 hrs : intimacy

Donjon : +50$

Each additional half hour : + 200$​​

Each additional hour : + 300$

Submission: + $ 100 / hr add at the rate
* In order for me to be your bid, it's essential that the first meeting be 90 minutes so that we can discuss. An excellent reference must also be provided for this service.


Duo :

* Calculate the both donation for the price. If the both donation are different, take the highest and double it. If you are not sure , don't be shy and ask !


Please deposit the donation prominently on the counter or table upon your arrival !!



Have you long cherished the dream of having two women taking care of you?
Are you someone who likes to play several?
You want to play voyeur with us?

I have the perfect women for that!

Feel at ease, just let us know your fantasies and we will help you achieve them! Do not miss the chance to have two women in your company who will make you forget all your worries and make you feel like the most pampered man on earth.




Kinky and PSE touch 

Do you have fantasies that you want to discover?

Do you like pushing your limits?


Whether as submissive to his mistress or to try and discover new trails, I am the person for that!


I offer a wide range of services; By switching from fetishism to BDSM, or even role-playing, you just have to tell me your requests.


I offer a service of self-respect and its limits. I like the idea of ​​guiding you to a better understanding of your limits and your body.


I hold that no dangerous practice is performed. We will therefore talk together about each of the experiences we will play and take the time to understand each other and listen to each other. A clear procedure will therefore be established between us from the beginning.

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