About me !

At first glance, you may find that I have a marginal style, but don't let the tattoos impress you. I'm a very sweet person, full of joy,  that will charm you. They say that my smile is contagious and that it's possible to lose yourself in my eyes. Only you can tell me if it's true! One thing is for sure, I'm a woman full of knowledge who only wants to share it with someone who will appreciate this!

I see our meeting as an intimate moment that will bring pleasure and that will allow me to meet the great person that you are! I want to be able to take the time to know everything that fascinates you and inspires you. Afterwards, we will be able to share intimate moments filled with tenderness! Charmons us! Forget all your worries! Let's act as if the earth had stopped turning and we were the last two remaining human beings! Let's just be passionate!

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Looking forward to meeting you!


Aliss xx

Who I am ?

Hello, my name is Aliss. I am an independent courtesan with a open mind and a beautiful sensitivity. I will be loving and devoted to you and very attentive to your desires. I'm a woman who has a lot of energy, so you will never be bored with me. I have a laugh that is said to be contagious! You will also notice that my body is an art in itself by all its tattoo, which translates very well the kind of person that I am.

You will find in me a smiling woman full of energy. If you want company, I am someone with whom it is pleasant to talk. If you prefer that we take care of you in the privacy, I will listen to your needs! We will have a beautiful intimacy together! Our privacy is important to me and will always be respected.


I am a  traveler and a university student. I am someone who has a lot to give and who will take care of you. If you want to know me better, you just have to contact me for a meeting.

Age: 26 yo

Size : 5'3''

Hair : Brown blond

Eyes : Brown - Green

Skin : Clear

Language : French and English

Breast : 34D

Weight : 125 lbs

Shoes size : 8US

Smoke : No

Alcool : Friendly

Tattoo : Yes

Piercing : Yes


What they think about it

After a long reflection, I made the decision not to put a free Review part on my site. I think that telling me directly the message is much more appreciated !!

However, here is some message that was sent to me after our rendez-vous. This can give you an idea about my appointments!

Make yourself happy and write me your impressions so that I share them here !!

                              kisses xxx

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